How To Buy Cigars As A Gift

If you are looking for cigars in Kelowna for someone close to you, you probably know how much they enjoy it when the time comes to sit down and relax at the end of a day with a nice cigar.

You don’t need to be a true aficionado to pick out the perfect cigar for your loved one – just learning a few basics will point you in the right direction. A cigar smoker will appreciate trying something new, especially if it’s a gift!

As a cigar smoker myself I found it really hard to find great cigars in Kelowna and that’s what inspired me to install the valley’s largest humidor and rename Minit Market, Havana Room @ Minit Market.

There is truly a culture that surrounds cigar smoking.

Although you don’t need to buy an entire box, it’s best to get a high quality, handmade cigar rather than the cheaper, machine rolled alternatives. Fear not, quality can be attained for very reasonable prices, starting from around the $5 price point.

Make sure you avoid your standard corner store cigars unless they have a real humidor to store their cigars in to keep them fresh. It’s easy to find cheap cigars at almost any corner store but these are almost always of a poor quality.

How To Store Your Cigars At Home

The cigars you purchase for your loved one should be 100% tobacco. Confirm the ingredients with the in-house tobacconist.

Top 5 Cigars In Kelowna 

1. Boliva Royal Corona– comes in a tube for a nice presentation
2. Cohiba Siglo III – for the cigar aficionado with a discriminating taste
3. Romeo y Julieta No. 2 – great value for the cigar you are getting
4. Montecristo No. 2 – one of the most popular and recognized cigars
5. My Father – it’s one of the nicest non Cuban cigars available

If the cigar shop is reputable, you should be able to see, touch and smell the cigars. Give the cigar a slight squeeze to ensure it is firm and fresh. Avoid lumpy or excessively soft cigars and inspect to ensure it is not dried out or dis-coloured. If the colour changes at the end then it’s likely that the cigar was not rolled properly.

If you don’t know what your loved one prefers to smoke, it’s best to go with a mild, longer cigar. If you know they are an experienced smoker, go for a thicker, bolder cigar with more complex flavours.

If you need help finding the right cigars in Kelowna, visit Jonathan at Havana Room @ Minit Market to find the perfect one for you or your loved one.

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How To Cut A Cigar Properly

Those of us that have been smoking cigars a long time are familiar with the art of how to cut a cigar. Since the ends of a cigar do not come ready for smoking out of the package, you must cut the ends to allow the smoke to pass through. Many beginner cigar smokers will make the mistake of assuming that you can cut a cigar with regular household cutters and end up disappointed when their cigar unravels and becomes rather unpleasant to smoke.

Here are some essential tips on how to cut a cigar properly:

  1. Get A Clean Cut – You will need to use a decent cigar cutter to properly cut it. If you have ever seen the guillotine-style cutters before, these are your best bet for getting a clean cut. Avoid using scissors or a knife as this will likely result in a butchered cigar!
  2. Cut The Cap Off – You’ll see the cap at the head of the cigar (where you put your mouth). This is there to keep the cigar from unraveling and drying out after it has been rolled. You should be able to see a line where the cap ends…that’s where you want to cut!
  3. Avoid Tearing The Wrapper – The best way to avoid tearing the wrapper is doing the cut strong and quick, much like pulling off a band-aid! You want to be fast or else you will risk pulling apart the wrapper…bad news!

Cutting a cigar properly really depends on being fast, careful and ensuring the blade you use is nice and sharp. Don’t waste your time with a knife or scissors, especially if you’re enjoying an expensive cigar. A proper cigar cutter is worth much less than many expensive cigars so it’s certainly not worth ruining one due to a lack of cutting tools! For any of your cigar needs pop by Havana Room at Minit Market, any of our friendly staff will be able to help educate you on anything to do with cigars. We have the largest selection of cigars in Kelowna and the only walk-in humidor in the Okanagan Valley.

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How To Store Your Cigars At Home

We’re pretty lucky to have the Okanagan’s only walk-in humidor to store our cigars but it’s not a common luxury, even among the proudest cigar aficionados. Sometimes you find a cigar you really love but you’re reluctant to buy more than a couple because you’re worried it will dry out. This is a valid concern and one that many cigar lovers battle with!

It’s a good idea to create a temporary humidor solution to keep your cigars fresh as long as possible and there are a few ways you can pull it off.

  1. Use Tupperware – Find a tupperware or plastic container that is able to hold the amount of cigars you need to store. Grab a small sponge and get it damp before you put it into a small container that you place at the bottom of the tupperware container you’re using as your temporary humidor. You don’t want the cigars to touch the sponge directly so make sure you have the cigars in a separate box inside the container. Remember, this should only be a temporary solution!
  2. Plastic Zip-Loc Bag & Paper Towel – Get a plastic zip-loc bag and grab a few sheets of paper towel. Dampen the paper towel and put it inside the zip-loc bag without completely resealing it so the moisture can escape. Place that zip-loc bag into a larger zip-loc bag containing your cigars and check the paper towel every couple days to ensure it remains damp.

Remember that both of these methods are only temporary solutions and shouldn’t be done on a long-term basis. If possible, use a cedar box for your container as that is the material most commonly found in humidors. Also keep in mind that you want your containers to be completely air tight or you may compromise the life and quality of your cigars as they will dry out faster.

Come by Havana Room at Minit Market and check out our Spanish cedar lined humidor and take a mini vacation and travel the world of cigars. We have the largest selection of cigars in Kelowna, whatever your taste or budget you will find a cigar for every experience.

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Choosing The Perfect Cigar For You

Just like choosing the right wine, choosing the perfect cigar choice can be an overwhelming process. All these flavours, sizes, colours and brands can sometimes make it more difficult to choose. The truth is, there are so many different great cigars that are incredible for many different reasons and there are a couple tips you can keep in mind to bring yourself closer to your perfect match!

Cigars are made from tobacco grown all over the world including Nicaragua, Honduras, Domincan Republic, Mexico and many more. Tobacco plants are typically cured for 3-6 weeks on average and are divided according to the quality of the leaves.

Handmade Cigars

One safe bet is that a cigar worth smoking will almost always be handmade, with few exceptions. Although handmade cigars are always more expensive, you will quickly discern the reasons why once you experience the difference in quality between a great handmade cigar and a machine rolled cigar. When in doubt, ask our in-house expert at Havana Room for guidance to find a cigar that’s right for you!

Your First Cigar

If you are just getting into smoking cigars, try a mild handmade cigar as they tend to be smoother and flavorful. Again, if you are unsure on what to get, ask our in-house expert and he will be more than happy to show you a variety of exquisite cigars with a variety of flavours to suit your tastes. Fortunately, you can find a great beginner cigar for under $5 and be on your way to becoming a true aficionado!

Avoid Cracks & Discoloration

If you notice a cigar has cracks or discoloration, avoid it. This can happen if the cigar has not been stored properly or could simply be a bad roll. Fortunately, we have an extremely high standard for quality and maintain all of our cigars in the Okanagan’s only walk-in humidor to ensure the highest quality smoke for our customers. We’re like you, cigars are a passion and we take it seriously!

Come visit us at the Havana Room at Minit Market in Kelowna, BC. Right next the the BC Liquor Store and across the street from Orchard Park Mall. We have the only walk-in humidor and the largest selection of cigars in Kelowna. Come on in and take a mini vacation and travel the world of cigars.